A little reminder; I put links to scanlation teams’ pages doing that specific project (if a scanlation team page is not possible, I link to a manga reader) in case you’d like to read the series. Since it’s yaoi, most probably they will be NSFW so proceed carefully.

Yosh, I’m doing this.

Picking a favorite in any aspect should be banned, seriously. I am always flustered and unsuccessful when I am asked to pick because every genre or series have a different and distinctive taste so it’s impossible to compare them to each other. Of course, I have some ground rules when I like some series more than the other, I don’t enjoy every manga which has two guys getting it on in it. However, if I were to give an example, I cannot compare Zaria Ranmaru’s work to Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s, or Hidaka Shoko’s. Why? Let’s see.


Let’s just put it here, first.

First is Zaria’s Awaiting Flower :


I’ll cut the image short for the ones who may not enjoy it.

How far one can go till the end of the scale from fluff to hardcore depends on the person, however I think it is important to have artists like Zaria or Harada, who draws really graphic and ‘heavy’ content and sometimes hard to swallow stories, they sure don’t sugar coat their words or stories and don’t come up with excuses when things turn bad.

Hidaka Shoko’s Hana wa Saku ka? :


Hidaka Shoko writes very detailed stories and complex characters so it’s always fulfilling to read. Romance is not the biggest focusing point in Hidaka sensei’s works, each character have their own struggles in life and you see them try to overcome them or sometimes fail but always be there for each other.

And last, Yamamoto Kotetsuko’s Honto Yajuu :


Yamamoto sensei’s stories are always so lighthearted and cutely drawn, it gives off a very warm feeling every time. Stories are not too long or short and focuses on the romantic relationship between the characters.

As you can see, I have hard time to pick one favorite child in too many. I’d like to say, though, I have some strange connection to Canis, by ZAKK that I cannot put into words, it’s really weird. I wonder does that feeling makes it the one


(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header Image : Karada Meate de Warui ka by Koizumi Kiyo, wallpaper taken from here.


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