Day 6 – The reason you love BL

I wrote some post on yaoi before and explained what BL has to offer here. I’ll just restate some of the points briefly.

One of the reasons is that finding a woman character to my taste and understanding is hard. I won’t go into detail, because I also pointed out what I am looking for in a woman character here, overall I think mangaka may not be able to break the habit of conventional understanding or would like to create something conventional, sadly, I don’t enjoy reading those kinds of stories.

Having a male character may be more freeing for mangaka because men are capable of doing anything and being anyone. Thus, there is more variety and fully developed characters, generally.

Another reason that I stated in my yaoi-related article is that centering a homosexual/poly-amorous relationship also helps to break the wall of normativity and create an environment for mangaka to run wild in the field of diverse themes which we ‘normally wouldn’t see in manga’ like BDSM, kink, one night stands, polyamory etc.

It is a given that manga is a huge market and I’m sure there are works I haven’t read before that have stories/characters to negate what I generalize here, this is just my experience up until now.


Or, basically, because of these kind of dorks.

(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header image : Onegai Kuroko sensei! by inumog. Kuroko no Basuke doujin, pairing is Kuroko x Aomine. No trigger warning.

Second image : Kimi to Mita Houkoboshi o Sagashite by Mitsuki Emi, original art.


Day 6 – The reason you love BL” üzerine 14 yorum

  1. shiroyuni dedi ki:

    I agree that most female characters in genres like shoujo are really cookie-cutter to the point that I don’t even read much of shoujo manga anymore. But I do think there are plenty of anime of which the female main character is not the main character which fulfill the three rules in your other article hence I am not entirely dissatisfied with how female characters are portrayed in animanga with heterosexual relationships (or conversely, not much focus on any relationships in general). I would say I still generally enjoy my mix of the weak female lead and strong female lead because I see equal amounts of those in non romance centered anime … Of course, the pre-requisite being that you must be interested in those other genres in the first place xD

    But in any case, I agree in your choices for strong female characters. There aren’t too many of them around, but well, it’s good enough for me.

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    • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

      Just to be sure that we are talking about the same thing when we say weak/strong; if you are talking about character’s being strong or weak as in not being able to get up when fell down or being capable of going on a quest and fight or just be strong-willed or weak-willed, I agree. My point on the article is basically, I want diversity as male protagonists have. Just like a complete human being with a background, a name and friends they can talk to, have mood swings, shy or talkative, be flirty or sometimes depressed or whatever they may be. I gave shoujo and josei as example because they fall into the romantic genre but it’s the same with any other genre; female characters lack diversity compared to male counterparts. The Bechdel test I mentioned is to check whether the female character is just an accessory or do they have a significance in the plot, even a little (does not need to be protagonist) and hopefully, we’ll have more than one of those characters because having a background story and relationship with others as a character is really important so that I can feel somewhat related to the character or be able to have an opinion about them.

      Even though these things annoy me in the background I also continue enjoying the other aspects of the shows. Not having a proper female character is bad, but it doesn’t always mean the show sucks altogether. I still need my cheesy squishy rom-com fix every now and then ahahah. xD


  2. shiroyuni dedi ki:

    Ah, glad we cleared that up. We are indeed on the same page, and I agree with what you say about female characters generally lacking diversity as compared to male characters. Even if I would love to argue otherwise, but unfortunately there isn’t enough series out there to back me up. Though, I still insist that there are still some unique female chars to find out there, I understand your choice of preferring BL sometimes because the odds of finding diversity are higher in any case.

    Haha exactly, having poor female chars doesn’t necessarily detract from my enjoyment of the show. For me, I need a now and then sports anime bromance fix xD

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    • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

      I totally understand your point and I agree that there are really great female characters out there like Tsunemori Akane, women in Shirobako, Yona or Shirayuki. I really appreciate and love them!

      My need for sports anime babies exceeded beyond my imagination, a fix is not enough most of the time haha xD

      Liked by 1 kişi

        • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

          I’m the same! Especially when a new OVA or episode comes out, it takes 1 hour for me to finish that 20-minute episode; with all the pausing, savouring, fangirling and fear of the ending credits creeping near x,D

          Liked by 1 kişi

          • shiroyuni dedi ki:

            I usually shy away from OVAs because they are like ONE EP and if the anime isn’t airing at the time I don’t think I can take all those fangirly feels rushing back ><
            Haha I saw that you watch Haikyuu, but have you tried Diamond no Ace? From what I know, it is probably somewhere along what you wanted (and lol yes I just wanted to promote it xD)

            Liked by 1 kişi

            • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

              Hahah it’s a fan’s job to promote! Yeah I started watching it and I am going slow and steady (probably because the sport being baseball, not a big fan but it’s still fun!). Thanks to yaoi fandom, though, I’m all up to date on head canons and ships before even watching much xD

              Liked by 1 kişi

              • shiroyuni dedi ki:

                HAHA that’s absolutely great. The first couple of eps don’t really bring out how enjoyable the series can be (I just realised this when I tried to rewatch ep 1 of it yesterday) so … press on! And you will be rewarded, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the fujoshi fandom! I got another blogger here hooked on it and now she’s absolutely crazy about the yaoi ships in it. It makes me sooo happy to see that so I can’t wait to replicate that outcome again on other people xD xD

                Liked by 1 kişi

                • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

                  Yo, sorry for the late reply! I’ll take your words on it and continue then! Ahahha you evil woman, slowly sucking people into the depths of fandom hell, making them trade their souls for fanfiction… (♯`∧´)

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