Day 7 – Your OTP

OTP stands for One True Pairing in a fandom. Thanks to my Haikyuu!! obsession and my love towards Bokuto Koutarou, it was extremely easy to pick something this time!

I think Bokuto and Tsukishima goes really well together, it’s a bit sad that this is a very minor couple (only shipped by, like, 5 people in the whole world?) it’s extremely hard to find fanart about them. However, I was blessed enough to meet Bikku (Twitter Id : @bikku_2) who is a fellow TsukiBoku shipper as me, her art is amazing. I’m not sure she would permit her art to be posted on a blog so if you are curious, I suggest you to check out her Twitter.

I was thinking I couldn’t get any luckier than this but I did! I also love Kuroo in Haikyuu!! and enjoyed the time these three spent in the 3rd gym during summer camp in original work aaand look what I found:

sanpi (1)


This made my OTP evolve into TsukiBokuKuroo. You know what they say, the more the merrier.

If you are interested in the doujin above, you can find the information and link below. Doujin is so very much NSFW and in Japanese. Enter at your own risk, please.

Manga name : Sanpi!!

Circle : DOTDUCK

Pairing : Bokuto x Kuroo x Tsukishima

(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header image : Bokuto Koutarou from original Haikyuu!! manga by Furudate Haruichi, collage taken from here. I am truly sorry about getting lazy this time, I don’t know what take over me. I am usually extremely sensitive when it comes to crediting (even on Instagram I definitely watermark an artist’s work with their info on it before sharing). I fixed my BL-challenge posts and continue doing so for my other posts when I have more time. Please pretend you didn’t see anything. Orz


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