Hello everyone.

This is a fellow otaku speaking. The reason behind I’m keeping this blog is of course my love towards anime/manga. Because I love the otaku and Japanese culture in general, one has the urge to talk about the fascination but sadly, it is not the easiest task (even finding the person to talk to, duh!).

It would be nice to give a couple of heads up’s, since i wouldn’t like to state them again and again. Articles written here will be translations of my original WordPress blog that I’m keeping in my native language. So forgive me if I make some grammar mistakes, I’ll do my best!

Second point would be about my point of view. I’m a feminist and naturally all the things I read and watch gets filtered through this brain of mine. I’m saying this beforehand because you may say “Ugh gal, come on, what’s the point of even analysing that far!”. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get to enjoy a piece which I critically find ‘sexist’ etc.but it also doesn’t mean that I should overlook the things I find problematic.

The last thing i should warn you about is spoilers. Because I’m analysing a manga/anime, I describe the characters and events detailed enough so the things I am saying make sense. If you are curious about it, please read/watch it first or read the article at your own risk. : P

Okay that is it, I guess. I write actually to organise my own thoughts around. I won’t be having an account focusing only on yaoi, but I really like yaoi, so in general posts on yaoi may be more than others in terms of genre.

Thanks for coming this far, hope to see you come here again!

Also, please make sure to read how I label the NSFW posts or trigger warnings here to enjoy the ride.


Got the swag, yo!


Personal note : Sorry you had to see it as a post, I just changed my theme and had to rearrange some things.


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    • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

      Haha I had it in my mind for a while because the other theme is a bit problematic because its font size and all but yeah I was like “She changed her theme why can’t I.” Hahah. Thank you very much I hope we’ll get along well Shiro-san!

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