Day 15 – Recommend a BL for your followers

When someone asks me to recommend a manga or anime, I always ask about their preferences first; what are their personal hobbies, what would they enjoy watching, whether it’s their first time or not. An anime first-timer may not have a big problem getting into it even though you recommend a long series but with manga, I think one needs to have at least some slight acquaintanceship with reading it because getting used to reading a manga or a comic book takes time. Animation fills the gaps in between for you and with manga, you have to imagine the motion, the colors, voices.

If I am going for the newbiest newbie; first time reading manga and with the genre with no other preferences at all, I would go with the safest road and recommend either Number Call from Furuya Nagisa or Okosama Star by Aomiya Kara. However, I mentioned Number Call before in my recommendation section so I’ll go with Okosama Star, they are equally excellent.


The art is very nice and a bit out of conventional style, it’s a high school setting, not explicit, has such sweet and warm story. And not to mention, sensei’s huge blushes are too good for my heart!

One can never have enough caps from this manga. This is Aomiya Kara’s first tankoubon, a spin-off called Okosama Box is also released; Okosama Box is about one of the friends of Honda and Kaidou in Okosama Star. Sensei became pretty famous after Okosama Star, also in the yaoi fandom out of Japan. She seriously deserves this; I follow her Twitter account and she seems so hardworking, always shares a new sketch or work, does live-stream frequently and answers questions you ask earnestly, be it in Twitter or live-streams.

P.S. I really dig Kaidou’s ear piercings and athletic ability (he’s the blond one)! (*’∀’人)♥

(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header Image : Official art from Okosama Star by Aomiya Kara, taken from her Twitter account.


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