I decided to answer this one in two parts: I’ll choose one for animated movie and another one for animated series. Since most BL consist of only one tankoubon I think they would be more suitable for a movie (as in Seven Days by Takarai Rihito and Tachibana Venio) while longer ones would be good as series.

As for a movie, I’d like to watch Bagjwi Sayug (Raising a Bat) from Jade. It is a Korean webtoon, serialised in Foxtoon. A rather new series but the character designs and plot is very interesting and I am looking forward to how it will develop. We have Park Min Gyeom, who has a disease and has to donate the excess blood in his body to stay healthy and Kim Chun Sam, who is a half-vampire; not to mention that they are classmates in high school. I honestly don’t enjoy vampires, werewolves; supernatural creatures in short but this is a series that I wait for it to get scanlated excitedly. Just look at them cuties:

As for animated series, I’d definitely choose Canis by ZAKK because it is not solely a romance, it also has its sad or funny moments, action and so much potential that even a non-BL anime lover would be dragged in. In terms of artistic style, Canis stands in between Japanese manga and French animation, if the animators were to take it as something to experiment, that would surely be interesting to see.

There is one more thing that I am curious of. Well, for this one, I think a drama CD would do the job but I’ll just add it here. I don’t know if you read Given by Kizu Natsuki. It’s a lighthearted series where Uenoyama (black haired one) is a guitarist in a band and Mafuyu, who is in the same high school as Uenoyama and always pesters him to teach him how to play guitar. One day Mafuyu says that he has a song stuck in his head, however, he doesn’t know anything about it other than the melody, Uenoyama wants him to sing a little so that he may be able to figure it out and this is what happens:

[BA&DP] Given_v01_ch03_pg14-15.jpg

[BA&DP] Given_v01_ch03_pg16.jpg

Apparently he has an extremely beautiful voice, so much that it gives you shivers down the spine. I would really like to hear how he’d sound and what kind of song it is. I wish they’d make a drama CD for it, though both Given and Kizu Natsuki are really popular nowadays so that might not be out of option.

(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header Image : Given cover, by Kizu Natsuki.


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