This issue has several different aspects to it. In terms of reading, I can read anything and everything; I don’t remember a time I flinched over something I see in BL and let me tell you, I’ve seen things.

Of course, when there is a story developed (even a little) and you get to know the characters, you start to form a bond with them. However, since a great deal of hardcore yaoi is PWP (meaning they don’t have a plot and is usually one-shot, containing only the sex scene) it is not really possible to bond with anything or anyone. It’s like rather than watching a season with 24-minute episodes, watching OVA’s which last 4-5 minutes in comparison and that bond greatly affect your relation to and enjoyment of the respective manga. Though, I should point out that just because they contain only sex, I don’t think they are low quality.

I enjoy and seek for more hardcore yaoi as much as softcore. I have some preferences, as in I don’t enjoy fury or bara but those preferences go for every genre, not specific to yaoi. Other than that, for me it all comes down to representation.

Let me elaborate what I mean by representation. I have participated in a lengthy, yaoi-related mail interview a couple of months ago. I won’t go into details of it but overall, it made me question my experience with BL more deeply. There was also a part where we discussed the limits of BL, my habits and red lines when I consume ‘the hardcore stuff’ with the professor.

I concluded for now, though was not able to finalize, that fiction we consume and our real-life experiences and preferences sometimes may be completely opposites. Frankly, only answer that I could come up with is that, since I tend to identify myself with one or more characters from the manga, I enjoy what I read if the character enjoys it (even though, as I stated, what is happening may not be my personal taste). It really intrigues me greatly and would definitely like to read more on reader’s relationship with fiction and identification.


Another interesting aspect of this relationship may be the diversity it brings to the stories. Surely, sex doesn’t have only one form, it is one hell of a spectrum and being able to view all those forms in a non-humiliated, labeled-as-pervasive narrative, it adds a dash of reality and a lot of variety in my opinion.

It didn’t turn out something interesting, let alone eye-opening or conversation-starting because I don’t have a definite answer about it myself. I’d like to listen to your experiences and your take up on the matter, as always!

(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header and body image : Captions are taken from Seitokai Yakuindomo, by Tozen Uijie.


Day 22 – HARDCORE OR SOFTCORE” üzerine 7 yorum

  1. Alex dedi ki:

    Character development is one thing I would love to see more of in BL. There are very few of them which focus on the characters and not just sex. I mean, sex is fine and all but shouldn’t we know more about the characters? Their likes and dislikes and all those details? This is one reason why reading BL is mood related for me, I only read it when I feel like reading it. I’m not trying to say that BL is bad but it has a lot of scope for improvement. 🙂 This was a nice post!

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    • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

      That’s exactly what I mentioned in the article, seeing character development (CD) and some backstory creates a medium where reader can have some sort of interaction or bond with the overall product while sex is just… sex, most of the time. Thus, I think hardcore PWP can never win against stories with CD; not because they are meaningless or whatever, because of the reason I stated above.

      Maybe my relation to hardcore PWP is different than most because I see sex as a form of interaction, so it stands on the equal grounds with stories that include CD; at least for me. I agree with you about the part where it needs some development, I criticize the parts that I don’t like, too and would like to see them changed. However, I think, creating a generic story is a problem of every genre, not exclusively limited to BL and considering I am keeping track of some really good stories, with great plot twists and CD, I am more than content with BL right now. 🙂

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  2. shiroyuni dedi ki:

    “Fiction we consume and our real-life experiences and preferences sometimes may be completely opposites.” I couldn’t have put it better myself. I have had too many people judging me by the content of the fiction which I consume (or anime that I watch and enjoy). The ability to stomach hardcore or socially unacceptable issues (for example) in fiction does not mean that I approve or endorse of these actions or behaviour or will consider engaging in them. ><

    From what I understand of myself, it is the diversity in thought that I look for in the notions underlying fiction and its development and interaction with the characters and other elements of the narrative, as well as its presentation. Hence whether hardcore or softcore (or any other controversial preference in particular) – it's not any conscious choice for me. Its about the narrative as a whole.

    My 2 cents. Sorry if I sort of went off topic a little xD

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    • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

      I agree! I think people often think that if you criticize something, then you cannot enjoy it or if you declare that you like something then you approve the content 100%. I guess we agree on that these are all separate matters.

      In my opinion, BL really has a lot to offer, reason being that it contains homosexual relationships, it is already out of the boundary of societal norms, so that gives a freedom and ability to bend the relationship between two people and take it to the points where you may have trouble going with a heterosexual couple. As I mentioned in a different comment above, I also see sex as an interaction form, you get to read all kinds of different characteristics; whether there is jealousy or a power relation between the parties, freedom, love or hate… thus most of the time sex is not just sex for me.

      I think you didn’t because I have a feeling what you and I say overlap, in a sense. Correct me if I got you wrong, though! ( ゚▽゚)/

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