I thought I would have problem with this one but the song came up to me pretty quickly.

As you may guess, my favorite pairing is currently Tsukishima x Bokuto from Haikyuu!! and I think the song that would reflect their relationship’s characteristics best is Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin; an American composer and pianist who lived in between 1898-1937. Rhapsody in Blue was composed in 1934.

Rhapsody is a type of musical work that has improvised-like parts throughout the structure, though, it’s written on the score, and is able to express a range of contrasting moods, colors and tonality. What Rhapsody in Blue brings together is the classical music structure with jazz-influenced themes. I first encountered this piece in Nodame Cantabile and immediately fell in love. It’s so bold and fun at the same time, playful and captivating. Thus, bringing Tsukishima and Bokuto together would definitely come out something in this line. Mashing together the rather uptight and the free-former, the one who plays by the rules and other plays their way around them, both are beautiful in their own ways, reaching a harmony in the end and become something majestic! Okay maybe this could be considered going over the line, however, this is the feeling I get when I look at them together.

I wanted to share the song but the ones I have found on Youtube didn’t really clicked with me, they were arranged in a way either the song seemed too rushed or the emphasis is too strong on the “playfulness” I feel like it’s poking my eyes. The arrangement I listened to in Nodame Cantabile was perfect, however, I couldn’t find that one online so you’ll make do with it.

Hmm, or on a second note, I could pick Chet Faker’s I’m Into You, from his album Thinking in Textures. I can totally imagine Bokuto dancing for Tsukishima in the bedroom and making Tsukishima go red all throughout his body, mwahaha!

I hope the songs were to your liking! As always, eager to hear your thoughts on this.

(⁎ ✪͡ ◡͐✪͡ ⁎)ノ”

Header Image : Locked in Summer by Julia, Daiya no A Doujin with MiyuSawa as the pairing. No trigger warnings.



    • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

      Hahahahah sorry for misleading! I don’t think any other anime can beat my fascination towards Haikyuu right now but after talking to you I’ve started reading more DnA doujins and that one was really good so I thought I’d add it haha. Oh what a let down for you…

      Liked by 1 kişi

            • allthefujoshiunite dedi ki:

              Okay, will do then! I watched until the first season’s 7th episode yesterday and it’s going great for now. It’s funny and I liked the different setting. Rather than seeing a genius player joining a rather mediocre team and their journey towards the nationals, it is nice to see Sawamura in a top notch team and struggling his way through it because, well, everybody wants the same spot.

              Ah I see, well no need to force yourself then. It also happens to me and if I force myself into watching sometimes it becomes worse haha. But if you do watc it in a near future, please share your insight on it! ( ° 3° ) / ~ ~

              Liked by 1 kişi

              • shiroyuni dedi ki:

                Diamond no Ace subverts a lot of the modern sport anime cliches ^^ It would be awesome if you continue watching it. The comedy is indeed good, and Sawmura’s struggles are definitely different from Haikyuu and KnB ^^
                Haha yeah, I try to watch things when I sense that the mood is ‘right’. Sure! I am probably saving Haikyuu up till it finishes so that I can marathon it xD


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