Well, you’re still getting it. It appears that I’m on hiatus? Even though I have many works in progress, I always get greedy and start writing another thing. It really is a bad habit and I want to change that so I’m trying to hit the brakes, especially in the fanfiction area. I have a couple of multi-chapter stories and requests piling up along with the stress in real life. This is something I wrote in between, the least I can do is to post it here.

My next post here will be on fictional crushes and our engagement with fiction (I’ve read other bloggers’ posts on the matter and want to offer my opinion) and I’m doing academic reading on the subject, though it’s not a frequently covered topic. I’m not sure when, but I will definitely write about it in a lengthy post, I can promise that.

Okumaya devam et


Sun versus Moon

I was actually planning to write about Bokuto Koutarou, the proud and emo  captain of the Fukurodani Volleyball Team but I switched over to Tsukishima Kei from Karasuno because I find his character development very interesting and worth to talk over.

Okumaya devam et

Because… Why not!

Hello! I decided to add a new segment to my blog because… As title suggests, why not! This segment will be on Haikyuu!! because I love the series so much and this way I can fangirl however I like without getting on your nerves in my usual posts. Having said that, I will, of course still have a topic or a theme in my post, it will not be in a regular chat form. I may write about a specific character, a specific event in the anime/manga or things related to its fan-art/doujin/fan fiction. I will, of course, continue tagging my posts properly as I stated here. I should also do a banner for spoilers, huh. Because I keep up with the manga, I may spoil some of the excitement.

Okay, this will be my entry and I’ll write something about the precious Tsukishima Kei next! Hope you’ll enjoy the ride with me.