I sometimes ask myself if I am the only grown up on earth who waits for the next episode of Itoshi no Muco each week with such anticipation… But, look at that precious baby!


TAKEHIKO Inoue and 16th World Kendo CHAMPIONSHIPS

Kendo is a Japanese martial art and for every three year, the World Kendo Championship is held in a different city. Last May, however, was a special event because it was the second time it is being held in Japan; 1st and the 16th. The very famous Takehiko Inoue worked on the poster design (can be seen as the header image), there was also a tenugui (a piece of cloth also used in kendo practice) designed especially for the participants. Just wanted to share because… why not, it is so beautiful.

I'll probably never use it and have it framed. ( ̄^; ̄)

I’ll probably never use it and have it framed. ( ̄^; ̄)