Greetings peeps!! I know I haven’t been around; the life is beating the shit outta me… I finished my first year in PhD and things have been so hectic with classes, new home, new university, assistant-ship and all that jazz. I want to get back to writing because I haven’t been able to focus on anything other than the bare minimum obligations (sometimes even failing to deliver that) so I decided to take it easy.

When a new season starts, I definitely check the first episode of every anime that will be aired during the season even if it doesn’t look promising. There have been a lot of shows that I dropped after taking a look, so it seems like I only stuck to the second seasons of the shows I already enjoyed such as Kekkai Sensen, Shouwa Genroku Rakugou Shinjuu or Hoozuki no Reitetsu. That’s why I wanted to pick my top three upon the newly aired shows.

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#3 [NSFW]

Header Image : Stroboscope by Yamashita Tomoko

Hello! Today’s recommendation theme is sweet, steamy high school BL. Concerning yaoi, there are works that may be trigger warning and don’t be alarmed, I am very sensitive about this issue and will be extra careful about giving the proper trigger warning and will not share any image can be considered triggering. These issues may be rape, incest, drunk sex, non-con, abuse, bullying, blood or violence. I also don’t want to spoil anything by writing openly so the warning text will be white, you can see it by choosing the text (as in, you are trying to copy the text). However as you may agree, two men having sex is the basis of yaoi and cannot be considered as ‘triggering’. I will write it in the header if the containing images are safe for work or not. If you are not okay with male/male sex at all, then I suggest you don’t read my posts containing yaoi, so please no hurtful or discriminating comments, thank you!

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Here I go onto recommending manga again! Gosh, it is a little bit hard to come up with a theme for rec. because I mostly (‘mostly’ here possibly corresponds to 95%) read yaoi manga, then josei/shojo follows. The manga I’ll be mentioning right now will not be new to everyone, but I love these manga so I’ll go with “Who cares!” kind of attitude tonight. (;一_一)

Okay, tonight’s theme (or common ground? whichever you like) is 4-coma mangas.  Formation of the titles are the same as my first rec. post : [Sensei, Magazine] Manga name.

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Welcome to my first recommendation post! In this section, I will do 3 recommendations at a post, without going into the story or detail too much and there will be no spoilers. Form of the headers are as follows : [Mangaka, Name of the magazine manga serialised in] Name of the manga. Hope you’ll like them!

What these 3 manga that I will write about in this post have in common is their genre: Shonen-ai; meaning it depicts a romantic story between two men. I have a plan on writing a more detailed post on the difference of terminology between yaoi and shonen-ai later on, however I would like to state that I grouped them with commonly-used-context (as in shonen-ai : focuses on the romanticism, yaoi : involves sexual intercourse). Thus, if you are new to the genre,  and say “I may have a problem with the gay sex, I don’t know…” then shonen-ai may be a smooth transition for you. Nevertheless, I think beyond the romanticism and gender, they are all lovely stories; they totally deserve a shot!

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