I don’t read fanfiction because of some very obvious reasons; as in, I need my life and fanfiction is just another layer in the depths of fandom hell. Keeping track of the series I like (in anime/manga section), reading doujin, keeping up with the blog and my IG account and of course, my real life, takes up my whole time so I would be totally lost and turn into a hikikomori if I were to start reading. Once I step in, sadly there is no turning back for me.

Okumaya devam et


I am guessing by ‘theme’, the theme of the story is implied. I guess I would say slice of life with university setting. Because this setting can be bent into any shape and mixed with things from outside of college, meetings can occur in social school clubs or goukons, part-time work or just the hallway; you name it, possibilities are endless. Of course the honorable mention out of these possibilities goes to : Teacher student relationships. Aaahh, I’m a real sucker for this specific type…

Okumaya devam et

Day 18 – A BL that broke your heart [NSFW]

From my previous doujin post, I guess you know I love love love angst-y stories that wrench my heart. However, the manga I chose for this topic really deserves the crown. Yamashita Tomoko is in my All-Star team, I am also, *ahem* stalking her Twitter account because her watercolor works are to die for. (Now that I checked it again, sensei’s Twitter is closed, whhyyy!! )

Screenshot from 2016-01-10 22:24:51.png

I didn’t even know if she had a pixiv account and she’s gone… uvuu

Okumaya devam et